Sherry Huntting
Academy of Classical Realism

  The academy is an atelier, meaning the studio of a practicing artist who dedicates part of her time teaching a limited number of students.

This is a unique academy that is geared to the serious students who cannot attend school full time, but want to learn to paint in the classical realistic manner. The classes are kept small so students can get individualized attention, and learn from watching the teacher work with their colleagues. This makes the academy a great option for those who want one-on-one attention.

   Everything in the curriculum has a purpose. We use a step-by–step system that when followed, results in outstanding works of art. In the beginning of the apprenticeship, the students will copy the masters using the techniques the masters used for centuries. After the students have developed to a certain level of expertise, they begin composing their own paintings. We strive for museum quality paintings in every sense of the word.

   We are committed to the system that created the Renaissance Masters for 400 years, but has been denied to students in the 20th century.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to give students technical mastery of craftsmanship, which develops their skills in the great classical European tradition to achieve excellence.

The academy’s atmosphere is relaxed, friendly, and inviting. The studio is in the beautiful rolling hills of Cameron Park, California away from the congestion of the city.

Sherry copies Wm. Bouguereau "The Knitting Girl" 1869 and "Child at Bath" 1886.



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