Carolyn Wood
Carolyn Wood’s comments:

Sherry Hunnting’s painting class is the first art class I have taken in which I have learned how to paint in a structured way to consistently create beautiful, classic paintings. I finally understand the process of creating a complete painting—from the layout and graphing, to the underpainting and the use of color. After over 20 years of painting, I can truly say that I have learned more from Sherry than from any other teacher or school of art.

Carolyn copies William Bouguereau’s
Seated Nude – 1884
Sherry has taken the ‘mystery’ out of painting and is able to present the Covino method
in a way that is understandable and fun. Her depth of knowledge is impressive, and her style
of teaching engaging. Sherry has mastered Frank Covino's method of painting in the classical
tradition. This nearly lost art is now accessible and alive, thanks to Frank’s single-handed
determination and devotion to this craft. He is truly a master of our times.

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