Debbie Chateauvert


Debbie Chateauvert’s comments:

What I like about classical painting is the life like effect that can be achieved. Having absolutely no training in any form of art, I was able to produce a painting that I feel proud to display in my home.

Prior to taking classical painting with Sherry Huntting, I literally could not draw anything better than a stick figure; and that wasn't really very good. Classical academic painting is a very methodical system. Even the art impaired such as I, can produce wonderful paintings.

Debbie copies Jan Vermeer’s 1660 painting, Maiden With a Pearl

Sherry is always encouraging and very patient with her students.
When I was frustrated by my paintings appearance due to mistakes I was making, rather than telling me how to fix the problem, She would explain the process and show me how to correct my mistakes. Sherry loves this form of painting as well many other forms of art, and her excitement is evident.


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