Gladys Mabie
Gladys Mabie’s comments:

I have been painting for approximately one year. Prior to Sherry’s class I was told to just paint what I saw with very little specific direction. I remember during one class looking at a blank piece of paper and not knowing where to begin. This style of teaching was very intimidating and frustrating for me.

Gladys finished value study
using ink washes.

Gladys glazes color over Verdaccio underpainting
I started taking classes from Sherry about six months ago. I began with her first class which is basic sketching (drawing shapes from nature). In this class I developed a clear understanding of value, hue and intensity. I quickly proceeded to painting my first portrait. Sherry has provided step by step instruction. She has taken the fear out of painting and given me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a fine artist.

For the first time I feel encouraged and hopeful of one day being able to paint like the masters of the past. Sherry has inspired and challanged me to work harder at my painting. She has high expectations of her students. Sherry encourages the students to go above and beyond their own perceived limitations.

Gladys paints flesh color over the Verdaccio underpaint.


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