Marsha Kilian
Marsha Kilian’s comments:

Classical Academic Portraiture is an amazing method for learning the science of painting portraits. The method is structured and exacting. Every theory and skill is repeated and expanded upon in great detail. One can’t help but integrate the learning to the extent that it almost becomes intuitive.

Marsha’s copy of Wm. Bouguereau’s 1877 painting of The Story Book. She is finishing the verdaccio underpaint.

Colored glazes have been painted on top of the underpaint. The flesh will be painted next.
Attending Sherry’s classes provided me with the knowledge and confidence to begin taking commissions. My work now is in pastel and incorporates a much looser style, but the concepts from Sherry's class insure that I get a strong likeness and have the skills to correct my errors. My clients are thrilled and I am grateful that I received such strong, analytical instruction.

I highly recommend Sherry’s classes to any artist, beginner or seasoned, who is serious about the art of realistic portraiture.

Marsha signs a commissioned pastel portrait of a clientís daughter.


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