Tony Garafala
Tony Garafala’s comments:

The classical method of painting provides a logical (and therefore learnable) framework for “building” a realistic two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object. The method incorporates time-tested principles of art and science that can truly be learned and mastered by most anyone willing to apply themselves. It is a method that not only facilitates the creation of beautiful paintings, but also connects the artist to the great masters of renaissance art in a way that can be quite inspiring. The classical method helps give you the confidence necessary to produce artistic works that you may have not thought you were capable of – even works that aspire to the level of history’s most talented artists.

Tony’s copy of an 1660 Jan Vermeer painting The Maiden With a Pearl, won Best of Show at the Barton Gallery in Sacramento, CA.

Sherry is personally committed to the classical/academic approach to painting. More importantly, She is thoroughly committed to sharing underlying principles, knowledge and skills of the classical/academic approach with all of her students. Sherry’s success comes from not simply showing her students how to do something, but from helping them understand why it should be done a certain way. That level of understanding is what ultimately allows her students to become self-sufficient, capable and confident.
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