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Sherry Huntting graduated form Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Clothing and Textiles. She was a fashion designer in Los Angeles for several years. Moving to Sacramento area with her husband in 1981, Sherry opened a fashion image consulting business and has been a business owner continuously since that time. Sherry’s work as a fashion designer gives her great hands-on knowledge of how fabrics drape on the body, invaluable to figurative drawing and painting.


Sherry Huntting’s self-portrait in pastel

Still Life With Grapes

Mountain Stream

Enlightened Path

Her work as a makeup artist, has proven its worth as she teaches portraiture. She can easily show a student why and how to get the look they want in a face.

Her instruction is geared to the needs of each student. She has been teaching either fashion or art for over 20 years. Sherry has been drawing or painting most of her life.She took extensive drawing and painting classes in college, then painting instruction from three independent teachers.

She had wanted to paint like the masters since she was a teenager, but couldn’t find instruction for it until she found the master artist, Frank Covino. Huntting has taken intensive and extensive training in the classical methods from Covino continuously since 1998. “Frank has such in-depth knowledge of the master’s methods that there will never be a time when I cannot learn from him.”
— Sherry Huntting.

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Patria Gentle Beauty - Portrait

                   For more information about Frank Covino click here for his biography.




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