Ann Roundtree


Ann Roundtree’s comments:

Sherry is such a patient, positive and encouraging teacher. She makes me know that I can do it, even when I feel
like giving up!

I think one of the most important things I have learned from her is to open my eyes and see more than just flat shapes. Sherry has taught me to see depth, roundness, light and dark, warm and cool colors, to think about anatomy and how an eye, for instance, is really made! She has taught me to paint what I see, instead of what I think I see in my mind’s eye.

Ann paints with Verdaccio underpaint on her copy of   William Bouguereau’s:
The Story Book - 1877

Ann glazes the under painting with color.

The classical academic method is great, because it involves not only the artistic side of the brain, but the logical side. If a person follows the method exactly, and pays attention, the end result is always beautiful! I have never in my life had an art class, but I am astounded at the results I am seeing come from my own hand! Friends an family say the girl in my painting looks as if she could reach right out and touch them.
Sherry’s classes are fun, with a relaxed atmosphere. She often plays classical or other inspirational music. I like the “can do” attitude in her studio, and the laughter, which is indeed the best medicine!

Ann paints the flesh in color.

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